SC RANGRIZ SRL is a private Romanian company established in 1995, having as main activity the production of paints and lacquers.

The company has worked on the Romanian market first as importer and distributor of a range of paints RANGRIZ and then as a producer of paints and lacquers RANGRIZ. Products are made in an integrated system of management of quality, environment, health and occupational safety.

SC RANGRIZ SRL produces under the brands RANGRIZ and PATINA a wide range of products: alkyd paints, primers, lacquers, thinners, indoors and outdoors emulsion paints, adhesives, plasters, colorants. Since 2007, we have a coloring system for emulsion paint for inside and outside, decorative plaster and primer to making at the request of the customers, the desired color (in 26,000 colors).


The company's portfolio includes alkyd paints and water based paints, lacquers, primers, plasters, pigments, adhesives, sold under the trademarks RANGRIZ (SIBA, SADAF, SARA, SUPER AP 470 and CLASSIC primer, ECORANGRIZ, ECOWEISS, ECOACET, ECO PRIMER, ECO PRIMER mold resistant) and PATINA (emulsion interior paint, colored plasters, colored emulsion paints, colorful primers, colorful lacquers, stone lacquer, galvanized paint) activating both consumer goods market and in the industry. The portfolio of services includes supporting partners and technical assistance for all of our clients.


Although we are a young company in a short time we managed to impose on the market due to the professionalism with which we treat our customers and product quality.

We try to be closer to our clients' requirements. Our main objective is to achieve a high level of satisfaction and loyalty from our customers based on our high quality products and our services.

We maintain competitiveness through production efficiency and flexibility that we adapt to market demands by introducing new products. In everything we do, we respect the natural environment, the health of customers, employees and the residents of our neighborhood. Product development and our entire activity takes into account the environmental requirements of the European Union